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A History of Quality and Service

The Prescription Pad is 110 years in the making; built on a foundation of quality, service, and community established by Ontario Pharmacy. Currently located in Fruitland, Idaho, near Ontario, Oregon, our history reads much like a community family tree, dating back to 1905 when the corner drugstore moved in to the newly built A.M. Lackey building in Ontario. Starting with Geo Candland most all the leading "druggists" were apart of Ontario Pharmacy as the torch was passed down. To name a couple, O.G. Leuhrs and F.E. Everhart worked and trained there before opening their own stores. Art Aguer whom owned the pharmacy from 1938 to 1960 before passing it down to Robert Keele. As each passing of the torch occurred from one generation to another, the skills and services became enhanced, and pharmacy became the main focus. The business moved to its location by the hospital in Ontario around 1970. Later down the timeline Robert Wheatley formed a partnership with Robert Keele that brought us to where we are today. He also brought compounding pharmacy back to our area, an enhancement to our patient care that is still a focus today, as it was in the beginning of our pharmacy. Many patrons of the pharmacy still remember those days when we sold Rexall vitamins, camera and phonograph supplies, as well as flavor extracts and perfumes. You could go down to the drugstore, talk to the druggist about your ailment and get a remedy, all while sitting and drinking a soda at the soda fountain.

Our location in Fruitland has allowed us to move into the future with our community as it grows and changes along with us. From one generation to another, the skills and services became enhanced and pharmacy and compounding became the focus. 

The words of our founding pharmacists still hold true for us today:

"My Druggist is what we want you to call us, and if you give us an opportunity we will live right up to your expectations in every respect. We will sell you compounds of absolute purity and freshness. Your prescriptions will be filled with faithful attention to the minutest detail. We will give you our best in everything including service." -F.E. Everhart, The Ontario Argus, June 29, 1916