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9:00am - 3:00pm for your convienience.


Locally Owned.

Locally Operated.

Locally Loved.


Why Us

We understand how important it is that you trust the pharmacist who's preparing your medications. The Prescription Pad is independently owned by a local pharmacist.

We Deliver!

We don't just deliver medications - we deliver excellence!

Local Staff

We are a local, independently owned Pharmacy. We make a point to understand the healthcare needs of you and your family, and pride ourselves in delivering legendary customer service.

Welcome to The Prescription Pad

There are several differences between an independent, or privately-owned, pharmacy and a retail chain pharmacy. At The Prescription Pad, we believe our legendary customer service and quality education are what makes us stand out as an independent pharmacy.  Our goal is to foster unique patient-to-pharmacist relationships while providing a family-friendly atmosphere. We have the time, the staff, and the know-how to affirm health, wellness, and life.

We take pride in knowing our customers and desire to make a difference in our community. A pharmacy is a perfect example of a place where personal attention is a must! At The Prescription Pad, we make a point to build strong relationships and gain your trust.  Let The Prescription Pad become a part of your family today!